[artsyfangirl GOES TO] CNBLUE Blue Moon World Tour 2013: Live in Manila

Posted on June 23, 2013


credits to The Korean herald for the image

credits to The Korean herald for the image

The Presscon

14 July 2013 | 2:00-5:00 pm | Event Hall A, SM Megamall

The night before CNBLUE’s arrival, I have made up my fangirl mind that I will go to their presscon so that I can see them in person because I won’t be able to go to their concert on the 15th due to lack of funds (since I haven’t recovered yet…financially…from 2PM’s “What Time is it?” concert last March…and the dozens of new releases of my fave k-pop artists) >.<

My sister and I arrived at the venue 5 hours early so that I can get a good view of the stage. Since it was a weekday I was hoping that there won’t be a big crowd…but I was wrong. When we arrived at the event hall, there were already hundreds of fans gathered around the area, from the ground to the third level, luckily I got a good place and there were some pretty nice fellow fangirls who allowed to squeeze in along the balcony to get a good view.

The view from the 2nd floor of the event hall

The view from the 2nd floor of the event hall

While waiting for CNBLUE to arrive, there were various games that were played and contestants got a chance to win tickets to watch the concert on the next day. CNBLUE’s arrival was delayed for two hours but despite that the fans patiently waited and the screams and chants were still as loud as it had been earlier in the day. However, chaos ensued when the boys finally arrived. Hosts Kring Elenzano, Jinri Park, and TV Patrol reporter Gretchen Fullido tried to control the crowd as some fans from the back started pushing to get nearer to the stage, unfortunately some fans got injured and were escorted to the back stage to get immediate medical attention.

The boys of CNBLUE (L-R: Jung Shin, Jong Hyun

The boys of CNBLUE (L-R: Jung Shin, Jong Hyun, Yong Hwa, and Min Hyuk)

As the boys went up the stage the fans’ screaming became even louder but the boys don’t seem to mind, band leader Jung Yong Hwa even shouted “Make some noise” which made the fans scream even louder. The boys were so happy with the warm reception that they have received from Filipino BOICES. The boys even spoke some tagalog greetings like “magandang hapon”“salamat”, and “mabuhay”  which made the fans scream loud again.

CNBLUE Interview session

CNBLUE Interview session

During the interview the boys said that they honored to finally be able to perform for their Filipino fans. They also appreciate the fact that despite the language barrier, Filipinos love to listen to Korean music.

CNBLUE leader Jung Yong Hwa receives a surprise birthday cake from Pinoy fans

CNBLUE leader Jung Yong Hwa receives a surprise birthday cake from Pinoy fans

Band leader, Jung Yong Hwa even received a surprise birthday cake from fans, he will be celebrating his 25th birthday on June 22 and the fans were thoughtful enough to celebrate his birthday in advance while he’s in the Philippines.

CNBLUE bid their fans farewell as the press conference ended.

CNBLUE bid their fans farewell as the press conference ended.

Even something this good has got to end. The press conference was finally over and CNBLUE started waving goodbye to their fans and telling everyone that they will see them tomorrow during the concert. The boys decided to take a picture with their fans which had most of the fans on the ground floor running to the stage to get closer to the boys.

The SURPRISE of a Lifetime! – I’m one lucky fangirl ^^v

14 June 2013 – during the press conference…

During all the excitement happening at the press conference, I got a SMS message from a friend asking me if I’m familiar with a Korean band named “Blue Moon”….I hit the reply button and texted her that yes I am familiar with the group “CNBLUE” and that their concert’s name was Blue Moon…I even added the line “You got tix? Can I have one? :p” for added humor, knowing that my friend is not really a k-pop fan. That was why when she replied “Yes I have three (3) VIP tickets for tomorrow’s concert…you can have them if you want“….I was shocked to my toes and almost dropped my camera. I hurriedly hit reply and said “YES I would love to have them. Thank you so much!” and called her back.

…I was going to the concert after all…Yaaaaayyyy me!!!

The Concert

15 June 2013 | 8:00pm | SMART Araneta Colliseum


Me, my cousin, and my sister went to the concert venue early to line up for the concert. Even if we have tickets and reserved eating, we still need to get in line so that we can get in early. While waiting we bought some unofficial CNBLUE merchandise like lanyards and light sticks, head bands, and banners with names of our fave members so that we can cheer CNBLUE on during the concert. The fan clubs were giving out free button pins, photo cards, and banners to the fans.

blog_6When we were inside the concert hall there were birthday hats on our seats and banners that read “1248 days of waiting is finally over” (written in Hanggul), to be used for the following: The birthday hat was to be worn for Yong Hwa’s birthday surprise during the encore, and the banner was to be raised during the “I’m a Loner” portion of the concert.

The concert begins!!!

The concert begins!!!

As the lights were dimmed the venue turned into a sea of blue light….it was a complete transformation. The boys sang songs from their latest album “Re:Blue.” Below is a video of CNBLUE performing their song entitled “In My Head.”

The concert was a complete success!!! The efforts of Filipino BOICES were successful as well. When the CNBLUE sang “I’m a Loner” every one held the “1248” banner (as I’d like to call it) high so that the CNBLUE could see, efforts paid off when Yong Hwa went nearer to to the fans while he was singing.

The efforts of Filipino BOICES to make CNBLUE feel welcome and loved did not go unnoticed by the boys :)

The efforts of Filipino BOICES to make CNBLUE feel welcome and loved did not go unnoticed by the boys as well. It was a memorable experience for everyone indeed! 🙂

For those who are curious as to what CNBLUE performed during the concert here is the setlist:

Main Set

  1. “Opening”
  2. “Where You Are”
  3. “Get Away”
  4. “One Time”
  5. “Man like Me”
  6. “Coffee Shop”
  7. “Have A Good Night”
  8. “Wake Up”
  9. “Love Light”
  10. “Feeling”
  11. “These Days”
  12. “Y,Why”
  13. “La La La”
  14. “Just Please”
  15. “Tattoo”
  16. “In My Head”
  17. “Intuition”
  18. “I’m A Loner” ( The “1248” banner was raised )
  19. “I’m Sorry”


  1. Yong Hwa’s birthday surprise  🙂
  2. “Hey You”
  3. “Love Girl”
  4. “You’ve Fallen For Me”
  5. “Love”
  6. “Try Again, Smile again”

I had a lot of fun during the concert. CNBLUE really performed their best during the concert and they obviously had a lot of fun! I will never forget their funny lines like Yong Hwa’s “I am the number one best dancer…in CNBLUE only”, and Jung Shin’s “No, no, noooo….you’re RIGHT!”, Min Hyuk’s “I love lechon…lechon, lechon….very delicious!”, and Jong Hyun’s “Sabay sabay tayo ya!” ^^v

This is definitely one of the best concerts I’ve watched!!! I’m still reeling from the excitement until now….choosing and editing photos that I could post was definitely hard as there were so many to choose from. Will post eye-candy shots of the boys on my next post….stay tuned! ^^