[artsyfangirl GOES TO] BIGBANG Alive Tour 2012 in Manila

Posted on October 25, 2012


In my previous post I blogged about BIGBANG’s upcoming concert in Manila. Yesterday, me and my friends watched the concert and was totally blown away by their AWESOME performance! Despite the fact that our seats were not the best to be had in the entire concert venue we still enjoyed ourselves as we jumped, sang, screamed aloud to their non-stop performance.

Before the concert I treated myself to a lot of BIGBANG concert freebies as their sponsors gave out missions for VIPs to complete and avail of these freebies. I got myself some BIGBANG pens, notepads, flyers, fans, and a BIGBANG limited edition Alive Tour blue bangle for Samsung’s “Mission Blue.”

Inside the arena the concert area was bathed in a sea of yellow light as lightsticks were waved-along with BIGBANG’s songs and as they sang their song entitled “Blue” blue light joined the myriad of colors and lights at the concert arena. BIGBANG performed non-stop and awed the audience as they danced and sang live. The energy surrounding the arena was so addicting that you can’t help but sing, dance, chant, and jump along with the crowd despite our tired feet and battered bodies as we went through the grueling crowd to get inside the venue.

With the help of my phone Lime and my cousin’s trustworthy cam I was able to get some nice shots (mostly from the LCD screen though given our seats) of the boys as they performed. Below are some of my favorite photos:






Watch GD and Seungri’s video during their encore performance of  “Fantastic Baby.” The video was shot using Samsung’s Galaxy S III phone. The video shows the boys playing around the stage while singing (If the video does not show please click this here.) ^^

Also, here is a picture of the freebies that I got from the concert. The lightstick shown below was bought online…it’s fanmade. ^^

I enjoyed BIGBANG’s concert so much that I’m still hung up on yesterdays events. I placed their albums on repeat on my iPod right now. If there are words to perfectly sum up their concert then it would simply and most definitely be “FANTASTIC BABY!

Note: Some photos and video on this post are from Bigbang’s official Facebook and YouTube pages. For more info. on the Manila-leg of their Alive Tour you can view the links mentioned.