[artsyfangirl GOES TO] BIG BANG “ALIVE” TOUR in Manila – TICKETS bought!

Posted on October 2, 2012



Yep! you’ve read it right this fangirl is finally on a k-pop roll!!! My first ever pricey concert ever BIG BANG’s ALIVE Tour Live in Manila! My friends and I bought our tickets last night after long weeks of deciding whether to watch or not…we’re watching booyaah!!!

We were supposed to buy our tickets online to avoid having to line up at the ticket booths but then saw the whopping service charge per ticket (PhP 205.00/ticket) which in my opinion is crazy…So we decided to just go to the mall and get our tickets there.

We arrived at the ticket booth and were ready to purchase our tickets…when a girl suddenly asks where she could get tickets re:BB concert too then the saleslady much to our annoyance, entertains the girl and was just about to sell the girl tickets, when we were there first! (gaaaaahhhh >.<)


So we called the saleslady’s attention and reminded her that there’s a lie and we were next. So she apologized and continued to process our transaction…but lo and behold the credit card terminals are all off-line (~ STRESS…can’t this night get any worse!?  >.< ). We had to withdraw money at the nearest ATM just to buy our tickets! Its a good thing that we had enough to buy our tickets.

I never really realized that purchasing tickets for a concert (any concert) could be so stressful until last night. But with that said I’m still happy that I will get to see Big Bang. I’m not that big of a fan but I do love some of their songs…This concert might change my mind though hahaha…Bring it on!!!

More updates on the Big Bang concert soon!