Younha releases another SUPERSONIC hit!

Posted on July 16, 2012


Younha’s back with her 4th album entitled “SUPERSONIC”! Finally after a long time of waiting for this singer’s comeback, she has finally released her fourth FULL album this month.

I first got word of her comeback via my friends at Facebook and at first I didn’t believe it but after hearing her duet with John Park for the song “Would We Have Changed” I had a feeling that this comeback would be better and that her album would be another must-have for me.

Younha Vol. 4 – SUPERSONIC


01. < Supersonic >
02. < People >
03. < Rock Like Stars (feat. Tiger JK) >
04. < Run>
05. < No Limit >
06. < 소나기 >
07. < 우린 달라졌을까 (feat. John Park) >
08. < Set me free >
09. < 크림소스 파스타 >
10. < 기다려줘 >
11. < Driver (feat. 박재범) >
12. < Hope >

Her fourth album boasts of collaborations with Korea’s finest artists like Tiger JK for Rock Like Stars and Jay Park for Driver. Her new album is a mixture of pop and modern rock tracks that is reminiscent of her previous album albeit this one has a more mature feel. I really like her song Run I feel relaxed everytime I hear it.

This author very recently had the luck to visit Korea and purchase Younha’s album there and while on my quest to find her CD I keep hearing her song Run being played on the airwaves so it makes this fangirl really happy 🙂 So far I’m liking her album and I do wish that I could find a video of Younha singing Run live.

This is all for now…more posts to come…it has been building up since my last post. 🙂

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