SPICA announces comeback + unveils MV teaser for their new song “PAINKILLER”

Posted on March 25, 2012


SPICA is back! Mnet Entertainment’s newest girl group will make a comeback on the 29th of March with a new song entitled “PAINKILLER.” They will be releasing a repackaged mini-album which will include all tracks from their “Russian Roulette” mini-album plus their new song.

Here are the details for their repackaged mini-album:

:: Painkiller :: SPICA 1st mini album Repackage - Click to buy at yesasia.com

Tracklist: 01. Painkiller | 02. 화 (火) | 03. Up N Down | 04. Russian Roulette | 05. No More | 06. 일기장  | 07. 독하게 | 08. Painkiller Inst.

They’ve also just released the MV teaser for their comeback song “PAINKILLER”:

I bought their debut mini-album “Russian Roulette” when it came out this year and I really loved it! I can’t wait for their comeback! I’ll be looking forward to it. I’m not sure if I’ll buy the repackaged version though.

Note: The practical fangirl in me says that buying the repackaged versions for one new song would be a waste of money….but we’ll see soon enough. It’s like a repeat of the SNSD’s the Boys album vs. Mr. Taxi (repackaged ver.) experience all over again. Seriously, I’d like to suggest that if all k-pop artists will be releasing repackaged versions of their albums….make it at least worth the money by adding other bonus features or more songs. I love k-pop but sometimes it just gets too impractical. ^^

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