SHINee set to release new Mini-Album “SHERLOCK”

Posted on March 12, 2012


The boys of SHINee has been busy releasing concept photos for their comeback this March! They will be releasing their 4th mini-album entitled “Sherlock” on the 21st of this month. (hmmm it seems that a lot of artists are making a comeback on the 21st).

It is said that their new mini-album will contain “world-class” quality music that will have fans screaming for more. Let’s sit back and see what they’ll bring us on their comeback shall we? ^^

For now, here’s some serious eye-candy for all SHINee fans:

Question though….what did they do to my Minho…..oh and Taemin…seriously!?!? I do not get this concept at all. The music should be good or else I’ll be one pissed fangirl! >.<

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