SPICA releases MV for their song “Russian Roulette”

Posted on February 10, 2012


Rookie girl group SPICA has just released the MV for their song “Russian Roulette”. After gaining interest from their previous song and MV “Intensely” (a.k.a. “Potently”) the girls once again showed their powerful vocals with “Russian Roulette.”

Unlike other rookie girl groups that debuted before with cute concepts and undeveloped singing skills, SPICA breaks the mold as they show-off their amazing vocals with powerful songs.

Listening to their song “Russian Roulette” is like a breath of fresh air so to speak. It sounds like the ‘traditional’ K-pop tunes that seasoned artists sing. Their vocals are powerful and rich, which makes you wonder “Are they really just rookies?”

Here’s a look at their latest MV:

The girls go for a more mature look and their MV is on par with those of more seasoned artists. I just love the fact that they didn’t go for the cutesy concept that other rookies go for.

This really makes me want to press the ORDER button more! ^^

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