Girls’ Generation making waves in American late night and morning TV!

Posted on February 2, 2012


Everyone’s  favorite 9-member South Korean girl group Girls’ Generation has officially started their US promotions by performing on two famous American talk shows namely, The Late Show with David Letterman and LIVE! with Kelly!

The girls’ performed the English version of their hit Korean song “The Boys.”  In both shows the girls wowed the audience with their flawless and strong performance. Also, it is quite noticeable that their command of the English language has improved.

On David Letterman’s show the girls performed a remixed version of  ” The Boys” wherein the girls wearing all-black costumes looked fierce and their vocals were amazing! Though they didn’t have an interview segment on the show they were given a football from David Letterman himself.

Girls' Generation with Bill Murray on The Late Show with David Letterman

You can watch the performance below:

SNSD – “The Boys” remix (The Late Night with David Letterman)

Recently, the girls also performed on the morning talk show LIVE with Kelly but this time around they performed the normal version of the song and they were wearing their MV costume for “The Boys.” They had a short interview with Kelly and her co-host Howie Mandel about their audition process, Tiffany and Jessica’s English, their choreography wherein they taught their hosts a few dance steps. Kelly also remarked  “I’ve never seen such audience participation in my life”  as she and Howie watched and listen to the fans cheering and singing-along while the girls performed.

The official Twitter account for “Live! with Kelly” tweeted the above image of Girls’ Generation with Kelly Ripa, and included the message: “GG!! With the newest GG member?” ~

You can watch the performance below:

SNSD – “The Boys” (Live! with Kelly)

 It seems that in such a short time the girls are making waves in America with the release of their US album. Hopefully the girls will continue to make it big in the US as well. This just goes to show how K-pop continues to spread it’s music globally. More power to Girls’ Generation! ^^


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