[ARTSYFANGIRL Adventures] ZE:A Philippine Mall Tour & Fan Signing Event

Posted on January 15, 2012


What a way to start the new year with another k-pop adventure! A lot of k-pop artists have already visited and performed in the Philippines, but unfortunately due to budget and time constraints I wasn’t able to attend it all…but at least I’ve gone to a few events or so ^^

This 2012 I started my fangirling with boyband ZE:A, also known as “Children of Empire”!!! They are under Star Empire Entertainment and are known for their songs “Mazeltov”, Watch Out, Here I am and Heart for 2. They are composed of 9 members namely Kevin, Kwang Hee, Hyun Sik, Min Woo, Tae Heon, Hee Cheol, Jun Young, Siwan and Dong Jun.

They came to the Philippines to promote their special single “Exciting.” They arrived last Wednesday, January 11, 2012 and had 3 Mall Tours ( 12th Trinoma, 13th Glorietta, 14th Market, Market) and a TV guesting at Eat Bulaga on the 14th.

I’ve been seeing posters and posts of their visit on Facebook since last year and asked myself  “Should I go or not?” Then came 2012 and the buzz about their arrival is already becoming a hot topic…I asked myself again “To go or not to go”…then I told myself “Why not?”…and so I went.^^

Here is a chronological timeline of what happened:

9:25 am – Left the house in a hurry to get to the mall before it opens. (So I can comfortably walk to the activity center and get stubs and seats)

10:00 am – Arrived at the mall just in time. Hurried to the nearest BPI ATM  machine to get extra money (in case of emergency) unfortunately it doesn’t accept other credit cards at the moment (BOO!) so I hurried to the venue.

10:06 am – Arrived at the venue….shocked! The line is already long and there are already a lot of people and CD selling fortunately hasn’t started yet. I asked the person behind me if she can save my space while I run to the nearest non-BPI ATM in the area only to find out that it also doesn’t accept other ATM cards so I decided to make a run for SM…got money and ran back to the venue.

10:30 am – Got back in the line (panting) and fortunately CD selling has just started. The line was really slow…and people in front were buying CDs in bulk!

11:00 am – Still in line with no CD >.< silently praying that I can still get seats. After a few minutes chatted with other people in line, met new friends and fellow fangirls, exchanged FB accounts and shared k-pop stories to pass the time. ^^

11:30 am – Almost there…but HEY!!! There were two foreign fangirls who cheated and went under the fence to get ahead in the line (assisted of course by other Filipina fangirls which they’ve just met and proclaimed friends ~ talk about hospitality >.<)…so NOT fair! Trying to stay positive and still hoping to get seats despite people in front still buying albums in bulk.

11:45 am – After ranting about how unfair the latter situation was. I finally paid and got my albums and stubs for fan signing but unfortunately no more seats T.T Decided to go to the nearest fastfood area and fix our purchases and grab a bite to eat since going home is no longer an option…traffic-wise.

12:00nn – 12:30 pm – LUNCH

12:45 pm – Decided to go back to activity center and get a strategic spot where I can still see ZE:A perform and also where I can get good pictures. Got myself a free ZE:A lanyard while waiting.

01:00pm – 04:59 pm – Met more new friends and fellow fangirls (who are exactly/near my age ^^) shared stories and chatted about our biases. Singing along to ZE:A’s songs being played on repeat while watching the organizers get ready for the event.

05:00 pm – The organizers were already letting people with seat stubs inside. Lo and behold the area wasn’t filled-up since some fans were late or weren’t able to come…what a waste! The organizers were letting other fans inside to fill-up empty seats. My fellow fangirls and I decided not to go inside since our spot’s already good enough and besides we can see everything from our area even if people inside are standing.

05:30 pm – ZE:A arrives at the venue. Fans go wild…cheers and screams started filling the mall. While the fans were waiting outside for the show to start ZE:A’s Kwanghee playfully greeted them HELLO while he was at the backstage and Dong Jun’s hand appeared by the curtain and waved making the fans go wild with excitement.

 06:00 pm (or a few minutes past 6) onwards – The show started and the boys performed 3 songs All Day Long, Mazeltov and Watch Out (Although I’m not really sure about the title of the first song though). In between performances there were short interviews wherein fans get to know a little bit more about ZE:A. After the interviews and performances the guys went backstage so that they can prepare for the autograph signing. ^^

While the other fans were busy lining up to get their autographs, I was busy getting a glimpse of the boys behind the table while waiting for my turn. Luckily for me I got my self some good/cute shots of Minwoo, Kwanghee, Kevin, Heecheol and Taeheon.

Eventually I got to meet the boys up close and they were so warm and friendly…and stupid me all I can say was “Kansahamnida” , “Hi”, “Hello”, “Thank you” and “Nice to meet you”…I got so tongue-tied because they were so handsome!!! Minwoo was so cute with his little band-aid on his nose hehe it made me smile at him the most and his smile made my heart flutter @_@ (sigh).

This has been a wonderful fangirl experience for me. The decision to go was a bit abrupt but the results were more than what I’ve hoped for. Next time there will be no more indecisions…I’ll bring my fangirling to the next level. For now I’m content with what I’ve achieved and as of this writing it’s already ZE:A’s second anniversary…HAPPY ANNIVERSARY guys more power and I hope you’ll come back to the Philippines soon!!!