[artsyfangirl tips] Tips to get “Value-for-Money” Fangirl goodies!!!

Posted on January 9, 2012


As I’ve said before…being a full-fledged fangirl is not an easy thing to do. It can be really expensive, depending on how many your biases are and on how much you are willing to splurge on merchandise.

So here are some useful tips on how to be a practical fangirl and at the same time get Value-for-Money for all your k-pop purchases.

Rule #01: Select your BIAS – I’m pretty sure that we all have more than one favorite k-pop idol/group that we like. So before splurging on merchandise it’s important to know which group we really like and then start your collection (at least pick your top 5).

Rule #02: Research, Research, Research – It pays to really know your fave group’s background & discography. Most of the time k-pop artists release different types of albums (singles, mini-albums, repackaged albums, full albums, limited edition albums….the list goes on really) so it’s important to know the content of each album and start weighing your options on whether you’ll collect all or just a select your favorite.

Rule #03: Be practical – Before buying an album…consider the following CONTENT, PACKAGING, PRICE

On Content: First-Press Limited Edition or Normal Edition? CD+DVD or CD version? I know it’s nice to have all the album versions, but are you really willing to spend on albums that have 80-90% the same content as the other versions (Some albums have CD+DVD versions and some just have CD/normal versions)? I suggest that since you’ll be spending a lot of money anyways…just go for the one with the most features and content.

On Packaging: Nowadays local record companies are releasing local versions of our fave k-pop albums so before clicking the “Place Order” button on our fave online stores, it’d be nice to compare the Korean version and PH version of the album versions first.

Based on my experience, Korean versions have better quality packaging-wise although  the price can be a bit steeper than the local releases. So if you’re on a budget and is only after the content and freebies that we get on album launches I’d suggest getting the local versions…If you’re a collector like me then I suggest that you for the Korean versions but be prepared to shell-out more.

On Price: Prices of k-pop albums may vary depending on where you buy them so I suggest that you compare prices first from different online shops then decide on where you’ll purchase your item. I usually order mine from YesAsia.com and FangirlAsia.com, since they are already established and at the same time I can easily track my orders.

Based on experience when I order from YesAsia the price usually changes depending on the dollar exchange rate so the price can either get higher or lower. As for local K-pop shops the price varies depending on their supplier and the shipping rate.

Rule #04: Read the Guidelines – This tip is usually for those who order their albums online. It’s really important to read the ‘Ordering Guidelines’ to avoid any misunderstandings regarding shipping fees, price changes, and order-tracking issues. It’s also wise to contact the seller first before purchasing if you have any concerns.

Rule #05: Learn the Value of Patience – This goes both ways…”Before and After” making a purchase.

Before Buying: Most of the time when our favorite artists releases an album we get so excited that we pre-order as soon as order pages are up…and most of the time we get disappointed when we learn a few weeks after that they will be releasing a repackaged version with new tracks…or that the album will be released locally for a cheaper price. So I suggest that before buying make sure that they won’t be releasing a repackaged version or a different version to avoid double expenses and double albums…besides when you pre-order these won’t normally count on music/album chart/sales rankings. ^^

After Buying: Yes! Finally you’ve placed your order…..now you wait. Most of the time when we order online we need to wait a few days before we receive the item. So to avoid being branded as a “makulit” customer,  read the guidelines again on how long it would take your item to arrive (normally it’s just 7-14 days depending on availability). If you really can’t wait or are really excited then you can contact the seller but make sure to ask nicely and don’t forget your please and thank yous. ^^

So my fellow fangirls/fanboys I hope that these tips will be helpful to you when you make your purchases ^^

Here are some examples of  items that I have no regrets splurging on:

SNSD - The Boys album ~ the packaging is really great!

SNSD - The Boys Re:packaged Japanese Album ~ I loved the new track and remixes!

SNSD Girls' Generation Japanese Album ~ again the packaging and the bag...needi I say more? ^^

KARA Sweet Muse Gallery - The content and the packaging A++

IU Last Fantasy Special Limited Edition ~ I loved the content, the packaging and the photobook!

2NE1 Albums ~ Packaging and content-wise you can never go wrong!!!

2NE1 NOLZA Live Concert Album ~ A++ All around!

Thank you for reading!….Annyeong!