Wonder Girls releases promotional MV “K-Food Party”!

Posted on December 5, 2011


The Wonder Girls recently released a special promotional MV promoting  Korean food products  a.k.a. “K-Food” via YouTube. The girls are the official ambassadors of the Korean Agro-Fisheries Trade Corporation.

The song entitled “K-Food Party” is an upbeat and fresh tune that promotes K-Food internationally…meaning the song is sung in English!!! ^^ The song shows that the girls’ command of the English language is definitely improving (Good Job WG ^^)! Also, unlike their other songs this one is a jump away from their usual style which is kind of refreshing.

With the growing popularity of the Korean entertainment industry (k-pop, k-drama, k-movies) globally, it’s no wonder that Korea is utilizing their stars to promote their culture, country and now their food through them…smart move I say! ^^ This will definitely gain a lot of interest from a lot of people. Their creativity in conceptualizing new ideas to market/introduce their country to the world is quite impressive.

Since I love K-food already….this is an added bonus! ^^

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