Girls’ Generation Comeback Update: Yoona, Seohyun and Yuri’s concept photos revealed!

Posted on September 29, 2011


The final set of SNSD’s concept photos have been revealed! Yoona, Seohyun, and Yuri’s photos was released earlier and like the other girls they also look stunning!

To further back up my guess as to what their theme for this comeback would be, Yoona is wearing a black-laced gown, a tiara and a sword (which reminds me of the three musketeers ^^), while Seohyun is wearing a white animal-print top and a fur jacket, and Yuri is wearing a red dress with ruby red slippers on the side.




I think Yoona seems to depict either an evil queen, a female musketeer, Seohyun seems to depict the Snow Queen and Yuri as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Instead of Fairy Tales I think that the girls are depicting characters from classic children’s stories ^^

Here’s a run down of what I think each girl is depicting:

Taeyeon – Snow White (she’s holding what seems to be a bitten apple on the other hand)

Sunny – Little Red Riding Hood (it’s the red hood…need I say more ^^)

HyoYeon – Thumbelina (which might explain the flowers ^^, or she could be Tinkerbell)

Jessica – Sleeping Beauty (her dress kind of resembles a night gown and the clouds on the background)

SooYoung – The Little Mermaid (after she trades her tail and gets a pair of legs…..that’s why she’s barefoot and lying down on the rug…and the mermaid-like hair)

Tiffany – Cinderella (as she goes to the royal ball….^^)

Yoona – Evil Queen (hence the tiara) or a Female Musketeer (hence the sword^^)

Seohyun – The Snow Queen

Yuri – Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz (Ruby Slippers…duuhh)

I’m pretty sure that there are other photos that have yet to be revealed but at least the nine (9) individual concept photos are out! I can’t wait for what their new single would sound like! ^^

Stay tuned for more SNSD Comeback Update!!! ^^

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