Girls’ Generation Comeback Update: Sunny, HyoYeon, Jessica, SooYoung & Tiffany’s concept photos revealed!

Posted on September 28, 2011


SM Entertainment has released two more batches of SNSD’s comeback concept photos! Last  Monday they released Taeyeon’s concept photo wherein she was seen wearing a Victorian-styled gown.



The second batch that was released last Tuesday was Sunny and HyoYeon’s concept photo. Both girls also look elegant but they both sport an entirely different concepts. Sunny is wearing a ruffled outfit reminiscent of Little Red Riding Hood, only more fashion-forward ^^ while HyoYeon’s concept photo was more of a headshot as she was seen sporting a floral headpiece and short blonde hair her expression similar to Parisian Amelie.




The third batch which was released earlier today was the concept photos of Jessica, SooYoung (and yes it is confirmed that she is going to participate in this round of promotions Yaaayyy!!!), and Tiffany.

Jessica is wearing a white dress with a dove flying out of her hand, SooYoung is wearing an elaborately-beaded strapless gown with ruffled layers while laying on a beautiful carpet, and Tiffany is all-glammed up wearing a sparkling outfit with silver dancing shoes surrounded by disco balls.

All the girls look stunning but fans can’t help but ask themselves…”What is their theme?” this remains to be the question.

My take is that they somehow portray a modern version/look of Fairy Tale characters (just an opinion though) here’s my input:

Taeyeon – Snow White (she’s holding what seems to be a bitten apple on the other hand)

Sunny – Little Red Riding Hood (it’s the red hood…need I say more ^^)

HyoYeon – Thumbelina (which might explain the flowers ^^)

Jessica – Sleeping Beauty (her dress kind of resembles a night gown and the clouds on the background)

SooYoung – The Little Mermaid (after she trades her tail and gets a pair of legs…..that’s why she’s barefoot and lying down on the rug…and the mermaid-like hair)

Tiffany – Cinderella (as she goes to the royal ball….^^)

This is just my personal observation and has no basis whatsoever except from what I’ve seen (their concept photos)

How about you? What’s your take on their concept/theme?

Can’t wait for their comeback!!!

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