Girls’ Generation Comeback Update: Taeyeon’s Concept Photo Revealed

Posted on September 26, 2011


SNSD (Girls’ Generation) is finally coming back this October!!! Having confirmed earlier that the girls will be coming back this fall, SM has revealed new details on the girls’ upcoming comeback.

SNSD will be releasing their 3rd Korean full-album (yep! you read it right a full-album!!! ^^). The album is called “The Boys” and it will be on shelves on October 5 and the title track will be released the day before (October 4).

“The Boys” is a song composed by Teddy Riley, who previously worked with girl group Rania with their song “Dr. Feel Good”. Also, the songs music video will be released in both Korean and English!!! ^^

Taeyeon's concept photo

In line with this comeback update, SM also revealed Taeyeon’s comeback concept photo.  The “kid leader” is seen wearing a Victorian-styled gown. Now this photo has me guessing on what their comeback concept will be.

Can’t wait for the other girls’  concept photos! ^^

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