[Eye-Candy] Girls’ Generation’s Jessica for Marie Claire

Posted on August 19, 2011


Marie Claire magazine Korea recently held a photoshoot for their September issue in Bangkok, Thailand featuring Girls’ Generation’s Jessica!

Jessica was seen sporting different denim-themed outfits and dark, smoky eye make-up for the photoshoot. Jessica, as we all know is dubbed as the ice princess of  SNSD but in this photoshoot she was able to pull-off a more mature and feminine vibe. The crew praised her for her quick understanding of the shoots concept.

During the shoot the group experienced some delays due to so many fans who were excited to see the beautiful k-pop idol. A representative said  “So many fans showed up to our photoshoot in Bangkok that it resembled a SNSD concert. We had an incident where we had to stop our shoot because so many fans showed up.”. Just goes to show how SNSD is starting to gain recognition internationally.’

See below for more photos:


 credits to allkpop.com and marieclairekorea.com for the info.

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