[K-pop Collection] New Arrivals ^_^

Posted on August 2, 2011


It’s finally here!!! The latest addition to my growing k-pop collection has finally arrived! The following albums have been dominating the K-pop charts and finally I get to listen to them from the comfort of my little room ^_^

AFTER SCHOOL RED 4th Single Album

A.S. RED, a sub-unit of After School recently released their single album and their song and MV —  ‘In the Night Sky’ have been garnering much interest online for it’s hip and sexy concept. The group is composed of A.S. members: Kahi, U-ie, Nana, and Jung A. Many would say that this concept is the true After School.

AFTER SCHOOL BLUE - 4th Single Album

On the other hand A.S. BLUE, another sub-unit of After School is the total opposite of A.S. RED. This sub-unit is reminiscent of After School’s first sub-unit, Orange Caramel. Their concept comes off as cute and sweet. The group is composed of Raina, Jooyeon, Lizzy, and E-young. Their song ‘Wonder Boy’ is reminiscent of former girl group Fin.K.L’s song entitled ‘Forever Love’.

I got two A.S. photocards from these two: Nana and E-young’s photocards ^_^

Next in line for my current k-pop collection is JYP girl group, Miss A’s first full-length album “A Class”!

miss A - "A Class"

I’m totally hooked on their comeback track “Goodbye Baby”. It is truly a kck-ass song! The live performances are really powerful, their choreography for this song is amazing and their remixed version is really cool! I really think that they are one of JYP’s best groups! These girls are FIERCE!

Last but definitely not the least is 2NE’s 2nd Mini Album!

2NE1 - 2nd Mini Album

Like their first mini album this one didn’t disappoint packaging-wise, but then come to think of it…2NE1 never did disappoint in terms of the packaging of their albums. The songs in this mini-album are great as well. I really love their song “UGLY” and the MV as well. I think that this particular girl group will have no difficulty in crossing-over to international markets because of their command of different languages. The photocards/photobook included in the album were illustrated by ‘Mari Kim’ its really cute and at the same time really cool. I got myself a ‘DARA’ YG family card too!

So far these recent additions to my ever-growing k-pop collection didn’t disappoint me. As for the cost…surprisingly I got a real good price for these albums…I thought I would be spending a lot but surprisingly if you buy via Yesasia…you can really get real value-for-money service! ^_^

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