After School sub-units AS RED and AS BLUE reveals MV Teasers and Singles + AS BLUE reveals “Wonder Boy” MV!!!

Posted on July 20, 2011


Pledis Entertainment finally unveils AS Red and As Blue’s MV Teasers! AS RED is composed of Kahi, Jung A, Nana and U-IE while AS BLUE is composed of Jooyeon, Raina, Lizzy and E-Young. Both groups will be releasing a single album at the same time.


AS RED Tracklist:  밤 하늘에  (In the Night Sky) | HOLLYWOOD

AS BLUE Tracklist: 원더보이 (Wonder Boy) | Lady

MV teasers of their singles were also released! AS RED’s single is entitled ‘In the Night Sky’ and AS BLUE’s single is entitled ‘Wonder Boy’. The two tracks are the complete opposite of each other. AS RED’s single is more of an electronic dance track while AS BLUE’s single is reminiscent of ‘Orange Caramel’s’ cutesy songs but nonetheless shows a completely different side of the girls.

Here are the teaser MVs:

AS RED –  밤 하늘에  (In the Night Sky)

AS BLUE – Wonder Boy

[Update: Wonder Boy Full MV released click here for the link v(^_^)v!!!]

I can’t wait for their singles to come out! I’ve pre-ordered my copies of each group’s single. I was totally blown away by their concept photos and am curious as to how each group would sound ^_^.