[Fangirl Collection] My SNSD Vita 500 Collection! [UPDATED]

Posted on July 16, 2011


Recently, I came across the Vita 500 SNSD edition and started collecting it and so far I only need three more to complete my collection (Tiffany, Jessica, and Taeyeon). I think it will be a bit difficult to find these three though since their really popular.

I also came across four Vita 500 laminated flyers which I love! The girls look really great in these flyers.

It’s not really everyday that stuff  like these are made available so I’m pretty happy that I got the chance to get these items. I do hope that I get to complete the whole collection! v(^_^)v

[UPDATE] I got the Jessica and Tiffany bottles yesterday ^_^. Only one more to go!!! Will post pictures soon!!!

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