The Grace ~ Dana & Sunday releases “One More Chance” MV + Comeback Performance on Music Bank!!!

Posted on July 8, 2011


Finally the comeback I’ve been waiting for!!! CSJH the Grace sub-unit Dana & Sunday finally made their comeback with their song “One More Chance”. Their new song is a hip dance track that will get everyone dancing!!! It’s reminded me of their past tracks “Dancer in the Rain” and “One More Time OK?” as it shows-off the girls dancing skills and wonderful vocals. Their style has also undergone some changes as well as they go for a more edgy and modern fashion style.

Here is their full MV for “One More Chance”:

They also had their comeback performance at KBS Music Bank today! The girls looked stunning and did an amazing job! I really missed CSJH….for the past week I’ve been listening to their songs and waiting for their comeback.

Here’s their performance:

After watching them perform all I can say is WELCOME BACK Dana & Sunday!!!! ^_^

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