[Fangirl Uploads] It’s here, it’s here, I can’t believe it’s HERE!!! ^_^

Posted on June 7, 2011


SNSD's 1st Japanese Album!!!

After a really long wait my very own SNSD 1st Japanese album is here!!! ^_^

The CD arrived this morning and all I could think of most of the day was that IT’s FINALLY HERE!!! The packaging was all I ever hoped it could be…It’s definitely worth the wait! I’m listening to the album right now and I’m loving ‘Let it Rain’ and ‘Born to be a Lady’. All in all the songs in the album definitely didn’t disappoint!

A peek inside the GG box! ^_^

The Album ^_^

Poster (a big one too ^_^)

The bag…yes let’s not forget the oh-so-adorable bag! It’s too cute for words! Now I know what I’ll definitely be bringing during SNSD album launching events hehehe ^_^ This certainly brings out the SONE in me.

Definitely worth it!!!

It might be a bit expensive but the price is definitely worth it! It also comes with a poster which arrived earlier than the CD hehehe. I’m just lovin’ the whole album right now!

My GG Collection!

My GG Collection! ^_^

 Now all I need to do is save up for the next SNSD album….I do hope that a concert DVD gets released….or even the All About Girls’ Generation DVD….whichever comes first! ^_^

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