IU’s Hilarious CF for S-OIL

Posted on May 30, 2011


K-pop singer IU recently released a CF for Korean petroleum and refinery company, S-OIL.

The CF is pretty funny, it shows IU having an outnumbered ping-pong match against 5 guys. IU lost the first round causing the boys to tease her but for the second round IU uses her ukulele as her paddle and beat the living daylights out of her oponents.

Although, I didn’t see how the CF is related to the product being advertised…it is still a pretty funny CF. It could also be that the first round of their battle represents the consumer who uses regular or other brands of petroleum and the second round shows what happens if the consumer uses S-OIL…hehe it’s the only logical explanation I can think of so far ^_^

How about you guys? What do you think?

credits to allkpop.com for the info.

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