Food Fave: bing, bing, BINGRRAE!!!

Posted on May 18, 2011


For me, BINGRRAE is one of the best Korean food brands to enter the local market through the many Korean groceries and restaurants starting to appear in every corner of Metro Manila.

Bingrrae @ IFEX 2011

As the “Hallyu Wave” continues to grow in the Philippines and the rest of Asia so does the demand in other Korean products such as music, fashion and food! Major k-pop idols like SNSD, BoA, TVXQ, 2NE1, Big Bang etc., are a good examples of k-pop idols to successfully enter the global music scene despite the language barriers. Anything that these idols or any k-pop idols endorses instantly becomes a hit with their fans hence, the increase in sales of these products.

Here is a good example: SNSD and Lee Minho for Binggrae’s Banana Milk and 4Minute for Bingrrae’s Metacone (Coffee-flavored) icecream. They are a good example of Korean celebrities who are already gaining popularity in the Philippines. They have growing fanbase here so any product they endorse are welcomed by their fans.

Now as for their food products, they have a lot of great icecreams that a lot of Filipinos are starting to enjoy especially this summer season!

MELONA Ice cream

This ice cream is starting to get popular in the Philippines, with its fruity flavors and smooth and rich texture. This is the best selling ice cream since 1992 in Korea, even k-pop star Rain says that this is one of his favorite ice creams during one of his interviews here in Manila.

Pangtoa Ice cream

 PANGTOA Ice cream, one of my favorites! This is made of two layers of soft sponge cake filled with cookies and ice cream. This also comes in other flavors like cheese cake and chocolate. Despite its appearance, this is not a messy ice cream to eat! ^_^

Samanco Ice Waffle

SAMANCO is a fish-shaped ice-waffle with red bean filling and ice cream. Like Pangtoa, this is not a messy treat!

Metacone Ice cream (*will update photo soon)

Metacone (Vanilla) is a creamy vanilla ice cream cone with fresh milk in layers of chocolate. It also has other flavors like strawberry, coffee and chocolate!

Banana Milk

Banana Flavored Milk, Korea’s no.1 selling flavored milk! The first time I tried this product was in IFEX 2011. I watched the Banana Milk CF feat. SNSD in their booth and my curiosity got the best of me so I tried it. It tastes really good!!! ^_^

These are just some of the BINGRRAE products that I’ve tried, they still have a lot of other products that I’ve yet to try….hopefully I’ll get to try them soon!

How about you guys? What is your favorite BINGRRAE product? ^_^

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