Sununsan Wild Black Raspberry Wine: A Gift from Nature

Posted on May 14, 2011


Another cool discovery at the International Food Exhibition Philippines 2011! ^_^

Sununsan Wild Black Raspberry Wines / Bokbunja, are cosidered to be one of Korea’s traditional wines. This wine is made of  carefully selected, high quality wild raspberries. These berries undergo a long period of  fermentation and ripening to maintain its natural flavor, color and aroma.


Bokbunja  also has medicinal values, It is used to treat colds, coughs, pneumonia and other fever-related diseases because of its antocianin element. It is also effective in treating cancer because of its tannin element. Its safonin element helps accelerate the discharge of phlegm, coughs and cholesterol.

Bokbunja wines also prevents aging and relieves stress. It also restores skin to its healthy state which makes this wine famous with the ladies.

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